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We are proud to collaborate with a community of partners and sponsors who share our belief in the power of local radio. These collaborations allow us to amplify local voices, showcase regional talent, and address issues that matter to our community. 

About Us

We are the locals’ radio station and consider it a pleasure and privilege to serve the vibrant and diverse Monterey Bay community. Established in 1958 and reimagined as the new KRML in 2012, we’ve been a local cornerstone, providing an eclectic mix of music with merit. We cover multiple genres and eras, with the idea that they didn’t start making good music yesterday and they won’t stop tomorrow. 

KRML also gives a platform to community voices, non-profits, small businesses, causes, events and beyond through our variety of weekly features and our live hour-long show, Pub Talk from Alvarado Street Brewery every Thursday at 5 pm. 

Tune in to KRML at 94.7 FM, as well as through Alexa, Google and Siri. Follow us on Instagram @krmlradio as well!

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