Hey there, Monterey Bay music lovers! It’s [Author Name] from your very own KRML, where we breathe and live the local vibe. Today, I’m super excited to share our amazing experience with a band that’s stirring up the roots rock scene – Larkin Poe.

Meet Larkin Poe: Our Kind of Sound

Hailing from the rich musical landscapes of the South, Larkin Poe is a roots rock duo that’s all about blending tradition with a fresh twist. Sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell are the heart and soul of this band, bringing a blend of blues, rock, and folk that’s as eclectic as our beloved Monterey Bay.

KRML and Larkin Poe: A Match Made in Musical Heaven

When Larkin Poe dropped by our station for a live session, it felt like old friends coming home. They might be from the South, but their music resonates deeply with our seaside spirit. It’s that raw, unfiltered energy that hooks you – the kind that only true musicians can deliver.

In the Studio: A Local Experience with a Global Sound

As they played, it was clear that Larkin Poe isn’t just revisiting music history; they’re rewriting it. Their sound bridges generations, much like the diverse community we cherish here in Monterey Bay. Watching them jam in our studio was a reminder of what brings us together – a love for genuine, heartfelt music.

The Ripple Effect of Larkin Poe in Our Community

Larkin Poe’s impact extends beyond their melodies. They embody the spirit of exploration and authenticity that we hold dear at KRML. Their upcoming projects, which they teased during their visit, promise to bring more of that soul-stirring music we can’t get enough of.

Conclusion: Embracing the Roots with Larkin Poe

To wrap it up, our session with Larkin Poe wasn’t just another studio recording. It was a celebration of what makes roots rock a timeless genre. Keep your radios tuned to KRML for more on Larkin Poe and other artists who bring the world to our Monterey Bay.


Until next jam, keep your spirits high and your music local. This is [Author Name] from KRML, your station, your music, your community.