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Where it all began

The Local's Radio Station

RD 2

Since its inception in 1958, KRML has been a staple of the Carmel, California community, resonating through the airwaves of the Monterey Bay area. Originally established as KTEE, KRML has evolved significantly over the decades, both in sound and spirit, while steadfastly holding onto its core mission of connecting with and enriching the community.

KRML’s journey is one steeped in history and cultural significance. Our station gained national attention as the backdrop for the 1971 Clint Eastwood film ‘Play Misty for Me,’ cementing our place in not just local, but also cinematic history. This moment in time encapsulates the essence of KRML – a blend of local charm and far-reaching influence.

Throughout the years, KRML has undergone various transformations, most notably the shift from our long-standing Jazz format to Adult Album Alternative (AAA) under the guidance of Scot McKay & Jeff White. This transition marked a new chapter for KRML, introducing a fresh and diverse musical palette to our listeners while continuing to provide engaging talk shows and community-focused programming.

As ‘The Locals Station for the Monterey Bay,’ KRML is more than a radio station; it’s a community hub. We’ve become a gathering place for the voices and stories of our listeners, a platform for showcasing local talent, and a conduit for addressing issues that matter to our community. Our eclectic mix of programming reflects the varied interests of our listeners and the vibrant cultural landscape of the Monterey Bay area.

Looking back on our history, we are proud of the legacy we’ve built and the role we continue to play in the lives of our listeners. As KRML moves forward, we remain committed to our mission of delivering quality, variety, and community engagement through the power of radio.