Specialty Shows

THURSDAY | 5-6pm

Pub Talk

Brought to You by Alvarado Street Brewery​

We give a platform to all the incredible people, from comedians to artists to politicians and everyone in between, who are doing amazing things on the Monterey Bay! The whole premise of Pub Talk is that if you go to a good pub, you hope to grab a tasty pint, have a great conversation and hopefully come away with a new friend! 

SATURDAY | 7-10am

Mornings with Marley & Friends

Brought to You by
Cali Roots

Saturdays from 7am -10am, get your weekend started off irie with the reggae sounds brought to you by the California Roots Music & Arts Festival, the nation’s largest reggae festival, that takes place every Memorial Day weekend at the historic Monterey County Fairgrounds! Featuring such festival staples as The Marleys, Slightly Stoopid, The Dirty Heads and Rebelution, you’ll get plenty of Good Vibez to start your weekend!

SATURDAY | 10-11am

Sheroes Radio

A weekly show by Carmel Holt celebrating women in music with a diverse mix of songs and in-depth interviews.

SHEROES Radio is weekly syndicated radio show created/hosted/ and produced by Carmel Holt, inspired by her own 25-year career in radio, and a lifetime devoted to music. Each week, Carmel presents a fresh and eclectic mix of both newcomers and familiar names, combining a carefully curated playlist together with a featured in-depth conversation with a “SHERO In The Spotlight”. Carmel’s approach is guided by a fierce commitment to diversity and inclusivity, showcasing a range of both music and guests that span genres and generations, with an eye towards lifting up new voices, while recognizing and celebrating womxn who paved the way.

SATURDAY | 11am-12pm Encore from 7-8pm

Live in the Vines Music Hour

A showcase of all the artists that have played our “Live in the Vines” concert series at Folktale Winery over the years as well as bands slated for the upcoming season. 

SATURDAY | 8-10pm

Little Steven's Underground Garage

The only Rock n’ Roll dance party on the radio! Each week, Little Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band takes audiences on a two-hour trip through all 60 years of Rock and Roll, from its’ roots to the best new rock bands in the world, featuring history, anecdotes, fun facts, and occasional interviews with special guests. Not only does The Underground Garage play the coolest rock records ever made, but it has helped introduce over 700 new bands throughout the history of the show!


Passport Approved

Global Music Flown into KRML

Airing every Saturday from 10 pm to midnight. This exciting show is an independent, tastemaker radio show heard all over the world, showcasing a wide array of global music talents while breaking artists such as Lorde and the Arctic Monkeys!  

SUNDAY | 6-8am

Breakfast with the Beatles

The Beatles, Plain & Simple

 A dedicated program for Beatles enthusiasts, featuring a wide range of music from the iconic band. This show offers listeners a nostalgic and immersive Beatles experience, making it a perfect start to Sunday mornings for fans of the Fab Four.

SUNDAY | 8am-10am

Acoustic Cafe

Genre: Acoustic & Soft Rock

Produced and hosted by renowned radio veteran Rob Reinhart, Acoustic Cafe features a mix of today’s great songwriting talents from Jason Isbell to Norah Jones to The Lumineers. The show offers listeners a beautifully curated collection of acoustic music, intimate and inciteful interviews, all while providing a serene and melodic start to Sunday mornings.

SUNDAY | 10am-11am

Putumayo World Music Hour

Discover World Music

Putumayo World Music Hour, celebrated for its global music compilations, offers a unique and immersive experience through its diverse cultural sounds, featuring a mix of genres spanning the globe. Emphasizing world music’s rich tapestry, Putumayo is a journey through various musical traditions, introducing audiences to both traditional and contemporary rhythms and melodies from a multitude of countries. Hosted by Rosalie Howarth, who got her start in radio here on the Monterey Bay!

SUNDAY | 11am-12pm Encore from 7-8pm


Brought to You by Coastal Roots Hospitality

Live Music & Insightful Interviews

Brought to you by Coastal Roots Hospitality, featuring Montrio, Rio Grill and Tarpys with their Pick It Up And Pay It Forward Program benefitting local non-profits, eTown combines live musical performances with insightful interviews in a classic variety show format, featuring a diverse range of guests including musicians, authors, and public figures, all while promoting an artistically-rich, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable world.

SUNDAY | 5-6pm

Just Jazz KRML

Join the Jazz Cat, Leroy Downs, for a sonic exploration in jazz. An unexpected and delightful journey with the best in the biz.

SUNDAY | 6pm-7pm

Bixby Bridge Blues Hour

Brought to You by Destination 831

A solid set of Blues from classic to current with a bit of the unexpected, brought to you by Destination 831. The show traces the roots of blues from Robert Johnson to the new innovators such as Marcus King and Gary Clark Jr. 

SUNDAY | 8pm-9pm

Grateful Dead Hour

Turn Up the Volume

Take a long, strange trip into the musical world of the Grateful Dead, featuring a mix of the band’s live performances, rare recordings, and interviews. It’s an ideal listen for true Deadheads as well as those curious about the enduring legacy of this iconic band. 

Weekly/Daily Features

WEEKDAYS | 8:45am

Brought to you by the Surfrider Foundation of Monterey County, whose focus is 100% on protecting and preserving our oceans, beaches and waves, We bring you daily updates on the swells and ocean conditions around the Monterey Bay.

WEEKDAYS | 9:45am

Peter B's Sports Fix

Focusing on a wide range of sports topics, the Sports Fix segment is tailored for sports enthusiasts who appreciate in-depth discussions and updates. Whether it’s covering the latest in golf, discussing the highlights of major sporting events, or diving into the intricacies of various sports strategies, this show serves as an informative and entertaining source for sports news in the Monterey Bay area.

WEEKDAYS | 12:45pm

KRML Concert Calendar

Brought to You by The Golden State Theatre, The Catalyst Club & Felton Music Hall

The KRML Concert Calendar keeps you in the loop on upcoming live music performances, ensuring you don’t miss out on any great shows at The Golden State Theatre in downtown Monterey, The Catalyst Club in downtown Santa Cruz and The Felton Music Hall in the mountains of Santa Cruz!

WEEKDAYS | 2:15pm

Local Music Spotlight

A daily discovery of our awesome local music scene on the Monterey Bay, featuring artists and bands from a multitude of genres. This spotlight, brought to you by the Monterey Regional Airport,  provides a unique platform for local musicians to showcase their work, offering listeners a taste of the rich musical culture that thrives in and around the Monterey Bay. 


Box Office Banter with The Sunset Cultural Center

An entertaining and engaging peek into the world of theater, arts, cultural events and community. Keep up with the vibrant scene coming out of Sunset Cultural Center, featuring discussions, previews, and insights about upcoming shows and beyond.

Your weekly delivery of nutritious notes community and compassion from all the awesome folks involved at Meals on Wheels based in Pacific Grove.


KRML New Music Tasting Flight

Discover fresh sounds and emerging artists. This tasting flight offers a blend of genres and styles, showcasing the latest tracks that are making waves in the music world and in rotation here on KRML!

WEDNESDAYS | 12:15pm

More Than a Mouthful with Chef Todd Fisher

Featuring renowned Chef Todd Fisher, we cut into the world of gastronomy, featuring discussions on food trends, cooking tips, and what’s fresh at The Meatery in Seaside and Bear and Flag Roadside in Carmel Valley. A delicious mix of entertainment, education, and mouth-watering conversation!


Wine Down Wednesdays

From ground to grapes to glass, cheers with us as we chat with Kim Stemler, consultant with the Monterey County Vintners and Growers Association, featuring the occasional talented guests, offering listeners insight into the world of winemaking and viticulture. Perfect for wine enthusiasts and those interested in the unique qualities of Monterey wines to learn more about our incredible local wine scene.

FRIDAYS | 12:15pm

Friday Found Treasures with Mark C. Anderson

Featuring Mark C. Anderson of Edible Monterey Bay, we chat about a variety of topics related to the local culinary scene, from hidden gems to local treads and more. This feature is a delightful resource for food lovers looking to explore and stay updated on the diverse and rich culinary offerings in the region and when on the road.

FRIDAYS | 4:20pm

Canna Conversation with Big Sur Canna+ Botanicals

Curious about cannabis? Tune in as we chat about the ever-changing cannabis industry and highlight the best in the biz, Big Sur Canna Botanicals. Learn more about the latest trends, benefits, products, specials in the evolving landscape of cannabis.