Kaleo: From Iceland with Groove

So, Kaleo. These guys hail from Mosfellsbær, a little spot near Reykjavik, Iceland. They’ve got JJ Julius Son leading with his killer vocals, David Antonsson on the drums, Daniel Kristjansson handling the bass, and Rubin Pollock shredding the guitar. They started out back in 2012, just a bunch of friends making tunes that somehow capture the chill of the Icelandic landscape and the warmth of their soulful melodies.

“Way Down We Go” and Beyond

You’ve probably heard “Way Down We Go” playing somewhere. That track? Pure gold. It’s got this moody vibe, perfect for those long drives or just chilling out. Kaleo’s music is like a good stew – it’s got bits and pieces from everywhere: a pinch of Icelandic folk, a dash of American blues, all simmering together beautifully.

More Than Just a One-Hit Wonder

Their latest album, “Surface Sounds,” really shows off what they’re all about. It’s got some foot-tapping numbers and some that are more mellow and introspective. It’s like they’re not just making music, they’re telling stories – and man, do they have stories to tell.

Kaleo Live – An Experience

If you get a chance to see Kaleo live, do it. It’s not just a concert; it’s an experience. They bring this energy that’s hard to describe – it’s like they’re right there with you, sharing a moment, you know?

Keepin’ an Eye Out

Here at KRML, we’re always on the lookout for what’s fresh and Kaleo’s definitely on that list. They’re more than just a band on the rise; they’re artists who are painting the music scene with their own unique colors.

So, keep your ears open for Kaleo. Whether you’re into deep, emotional tracks or something to get your foot tapping, these guys have got it. They’re redefining blues-rock with an Icelandic twist, and I can’t wait to see where their journey takes them.

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